Automobile Accidents in the US: Common Causes and Contributing Factors

All over America, automobile accidents happen with alarming frequency. According to data collated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the year 2014 saw over 6 million reported crashes all over the country. In all these accidents, many individuals were fortunate to survive with only a few minor injuries. Unfortunately, plenty more of those affected by these accidents were either severely injured or killed. According to NHTSA’s data, these 2014 crashes caused 32,675 deaths and led to 2.34 million people that needing emergency medical attention for their injuries.

Considering the deadly consequences of automobile accidents, it’s important to raise awareness regarding the different factors that contribute to these dangerous occurrences. In some cases, car crashes can happen due to factors unforeseen by motorists like mechanical defects in their vehicles or hazardous road conditions. However, a good majority of car accidents also happen due to reckless behavior by negligent drivers. Drunk driving is one of the most commonly identified reasons for fatal car crashes. Distracted driving is another common factor that contributes to deadly crashes, as well as traffic violations such as speeding and disregarding traffic lights and stop signs.

Certain types of vehicles also make the roadways more deadly for motorists. SUVs and 4-wheel drives, for example, are particularly susceptible to tipping or falling over due to instability caused by their size. These rollover accidents happen due to abrupt swerves or turns and are typically made possible by defective designs by manufacturers.

Regardless of the specific cause, Madison automobile accident attorneys know that car accidents can be very traumatic events that could lead to many long-term effects. Raising awareness on the many causes of these accidents can help inform motorists of the things they can do in order to keep roadways safe all over America. Meanwhile, those that have been injured in automobile accidents can use this information when filing a personal injury case against the driver at fault.

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