SR-22 Certificate Required in Some Circumstances

The fines and penalties for road accidents and insurance policies vary from state to state, thus in the US it is important to not only to be acquainted with the laws of your state but also to understand how these laws would affect your insurance policies and driving privileges. Auto car insurance is required by law, as they are a great investment and protection for you and other people from accidents that can occur in the future. It makes you financially responsible and capable of covering for damages that occurred due to unforeseen accidents.

However, for those who have been caught with multiple traffic violations (such as reckless driving, DUI/DWI, and driving without insurance) that resulted in a suspension of their driver’s license, the court may require them to carry SR-22. The Illinois SR-22 is a type of document or certification used to verify that the driver is carrying insurance. Under Section 3-707 of Illinois’ Vehicle Code, anyone who is required to carry the SR-22 will receive it through the Office of the Secretary of State. The driver would have to contact their insurance company (that are licensed and listed in the State of Illinois) and they will be the one who will receive payment. The insurance company will also be the one who will refer the request for SR-22 certificate, which is directly sent to the Secretary of State. After acceptance, a letter from the Secretary of State and a copy of the SR-22 from the insurance company will be given to the applicant.

It is imperative that the SR-22 have to be carried for three years, as cancellation of insurance premium can only lead to the suspension of driver’s license. If you have file an application for SR-22 only after you have received a notice form the Secretary of State. After receiving the notice, you are given 90 days to file for SR-22 or risk getting your driver’s license suspended. The main reason for people to be required of SR-22 is when they commit or qualify for a mandatory insurance offense, such as traffic violations. Despite the benefits of having SR-22, it can still negatively impact your insurance premiums, making them be more expensive. It is therefore always better to drive safe and obey traffic rules to avoid committing violations.

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